…The feeling you get when the execution is perfect


Be able to dominant your opponents

 We are looking for position-less basketball players, guys who can dribble, pass and shoot. Let’s make it difficult for the opposition to have a game plan or at least, have to change it.

Whether you are a  Point Guard, Power Forward or Guard, we want you to be able to get yourself out of trouble with a pass, shot or dribble.

The skill drills will enable you to feel comfortable with ball in hand to retain possession for your team.



Regarding the physicality of the game, it all stems from your core.

Your core strength helps body control, stamina and overall strength.

Follow the performance workout, it will aid the overall physical aspects in your game,  including your vertical, strength and speed.

If it wasn’t challenging, it wouldn’t improve you.

Real Work. Real Results.


Have confidence in what you are doing, this is your opportunity to be ready for the up and coming season. Do it with a smile. This is your time to shine, which type of player do you want to be? I have always said, don’t have any regrets, do everything possible to give yourself an advantage. if you can improve you ability by 1%, whether that is speed, jump or even shot percentage, that could be the difference between winning and losing.

Challenge Yourself

Be your harshest critic, can I do more? Do not cheat yourself. These workouts are to be done as an individual, this is the time to practice to get it right, there is no peer pressure or embarrassment. Do it until you conquer it, right hand, left hand.   



Please make sure you warm up the muscle groups before undertaking, I haven’t put any warm ups in, but you guys with me last season know what to do. You will also need to take on fluid.