The programme

Are you ready?…..

The programme instructions

Welcome to The At-Home

   Training Programme! 

These workouts are designed to be done

when you do NOT have access to a court. 

The training schedule for this

programme is very simple:

You will train two days in a row,

take one day off, and then train

another two days in a row before

taking another day off and then repeat

the cycle again for the duration of being


There is enough variation so you will not

get bored. 

You will perform these workouts on the

same day, skill workout first, then either

immediately afterwards or at a separate

time of the day, you do the performance

workout for that day.

N.B. Just a reminder, there are no examples of warm ups or

stretching exercises, so please make sure you make sure your

muscle groups are ready for exercise. I have done enough with

you throughout the season, you should all be able to do this, if not,

get in touch and I’ll run through some. 

Here is how the programme looks: 

Day 1:
Skill Workout 1
+ Performance Workout 1

Day 2:
Skill Workout 2
+ Performance Workout 2

Day 3:

Day 4:
Skill Workout 3
+ Performance Workout 3

Day 5:
Skill Workout 4
+ Performance Workout 4

Day 6:

Day 7:
Skill Workout 1
+ Performance Workout 1


If you can get some of your workout on

tape, it would be worth watching it back

on your days off to see where you can

make minor adjustments.

This program is meant to be followed

for the duration of your time at home,

until you have access to a court or gym.

Good luck, stay safe, and let me know if

you have any questions. 




Have confidence in what you are doing, this is your opportunity to be ready for the up and coming season. Do it with a smile. This is your time to shine, which type of player do you want to be? I have always said, don’t have any regrets, do everything possible to give yourself an advantage. if you can improve you ability by 1%, whether that is speed, jump or even shot percentage, that could be the difference between winning and losing.

Challenge Yourself

Be your harshest critic, can I do more? Do not cheat yourself. These workouts are to be done as an individual, this is the time to practice to get it right, there is no peer pressure or embarrassment. Do it until you conquer it, right hand, left hand.   



Please make sure you warm up the muscle groups before undertaking, I haven’t put any warm ups in, but you guys with me last season know what to do. You will also need to take on fluid.